Branching The Blog Process


I work at Alfresco.  I also participate in the Alfresco community and build my own side projects / experiments / etc.  Some of these are Alfresco product related, some are not.  Sometimes this seems to introduce confusion around what is “official” Alfresco stuff related to my role and what is a science project or spike to explore an idea.  To avoid this confusion, I’m making a small change to the way I blog.  Going forward anything related to supported Alfresco platforms or functionality, troubleshooting, tuning, performance, etc will be hosted at the Alfresco Premier Services blog.  Other stuff related to experimentation, thoughts around content and process services management as a whole, embedded systems, etc will continue to get posted right here.  Hopefully this split will help to clarify which articles are related to the product as it is, and separate out the more exploratory stuff.

If you have not popped over to the Premier Team blog yet, check it out!

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