Alfresco DevCon 2012 hack-a-thons wrap up

So the Alfresco DevCons for 2012 are  a wrap.  We had excellent turnout in both Berlin and San Jose.  The Alfresco community was out in force and we were fortunate enough to have some of the superstars of the customer and partner ecosystem show up for the hack-a-thon.  As promised, here are the projects that were worked on during the event.  Some are pretty far along and functional, some are just getting off the ground, but all are great examples of what a small group can do in a short period of time!
Alfresco Share Clipboard
Brings a full-featured clipboard to Alfresco Share, similar (but better!) to what was in the old Explorer UI.  There is also a screencast.
Alfresco Visualization Tools
Uses D3.js and Alfresco audit to visualize content updates in the repository as both a timeline and a heat map.  Hopefully this is just the beginning.
CMIS Plugin for WordPress
This project already existed as a rough PoC, but it's been polished up and improved, with support for embedding documents from Alfresco Cloud.
Alfresco Community to Cloud migration tool
Provided an Alfresco Cloud username and password, this tool will move all the content of a site from an Alfresco Community instance to the cloud via the public API.
Document library wiki mplementation for Share
This project provides an alternative implementation of the Alfresco Share wiki, re-using the Document Library components.  Includes some new Markdown support!
In addition to the projects listed above, we also had a special guest from join us to help build a new Alfresco Share integration with their service that replaces the default file upload dialog and did some excellent work on a pure JavaScript implementation of CMIS and some additional Share extensions for handling email and multilingual document translations.  Another exciting development is the creation of easy installers for the upcoming Alfresco Desktop Sync.  Unfortunately I don't have source code for those yet, but as soon as it comes my way I'll update this blog post.  If you participated in the hack-a-thon and have the source code posted for any of these projects and I don't know about it yet, please let me know so we can show off your good work!
All in all, Alfresco DevCon 2012 was well worth the trip.  The keynotes and sessions were exceptional, the hack-a-thon was productive (and fun!) and it was amazing to get to see so many people face to face that I usually only get to know online.  See you all in 2013!